Facts About Acne

Photo Credit: beautifulyou.com

Photo Credit: beautifulyou.com

Acne is one of the most common diseases of the skin. The most common part of our body that usually forms acne are on the chest, back and especially in the face. Bacteria. Dead skin cells and oil clogging our skin pores is the common cause of acne formation.

The medical term for acne is the acne vulgaris. It affects millions and even billions of people around the world. Acne is one of the common skin problems a person has no matter what age or danger they are in. Although people of all ages has it, people undergoing puberty and adolescent stage suffers from it more. Almost all people experiences having an acne at least at a certain point in their lives. Even newborns sometimes have it.

Sebaceous glands are located beneath our skin’s surface. They are the ones responsible for the production of the oil sebum. The sebum acts as the natural moisturizer of the skin and protects it. Sebaceous follicles is the term used to describe the glands together with the hair follicles where they are found. The pores on the skin serves as the opening for these follicles.

When a person reaches the puberty age, they can have an increase in the level of hormones. This increase may lead to the sebaceous glands in producing sebum too much. When there is too much sebum combined with sticky and dead skin cells, a plug may form that would block the pores.

The mild and non-inflammatory acne has two types: Whiteheads or blackheads, and comedones. Whiteheads happens when the pore of the follicle hair affected is closed while blackheads results when the pore is open wide. As oil is oxidized, the oil changes to black and is called a blackhead. Plugged follicle that Propionibacterium has invaded causes acne that are moderate to severe. Pimple or acne can form when a damaged follicle becomes weak and then bursts open discharging the combination of the bacteria, white blood cells and sebum in the tissues surrounding it.

The inflamed pimple that is near the surface of the skin is called papules. When the pimple becomes deeper, it is then called pustules and when it is deeper than the pustules, it becomes a cyst. Acne of the most severe type consists of nodules, which are hard swellings and cysts. In case a new skin cells replaces the damaged cells, scarring occurs.

Although there are treatments available on the market, there are times when acne can be really persistent and hard to remove. While some of the bumps can heal slowly and go away, some just takes a lot of time to go away.

Acne is the most common skin disease in the teens but the number of younger children having acne increases as well. Having an acne also causes distress especially when the skin had scars after the removal of acne. It does not only cause physical damage but emotional damage as well and that is why it is important to take measures in order to prevent and remove it.


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Skin Conditions Mimicking Acne and What You Can Do About Them

Photo Credit: beautifulyou.com

Photo Credit: beautifulyou.com

Acne is not the only skin problem faced by people. Although acne is one of the most common skin conditions, other skin conditions look like acne. You may think that they are acne spots but actually, they are not.

What are some of the skin conditions that people might think of it as acne?

  • Folliculitis

Acne does not only form on the face it can also form on various parts of the body. However, inflamed follicle on certain parts of the body including the buttocks, abdomen and legs are called folliculitis.

  • Rosacea

This condition mostly affects people who are 30 years old and older. It comes along with flushing and redness and forms in the third middle part in the face. In cases where they do not disappear, one should go see a doctor in order to be given a prescribed medication unlike the medications used for treating acne.

  • Pseudo folliculitis

Razor bumps or rash is the common term for pseudo folliculitis. When the hair is cut so close in the skin, the growing hairs that are twisted on the skin produces tender bumps. The solution for this condition is lessening the shaving or hair may it be mechanical or laser removal. The condition can also occur to people with acne too.

When should one start treating their acne?

It is common for people to have acne but there are times when it just bothers them so much and they just do not want to look at the mirror anymore. Scarring due to acne also lessens our confidence in ourselves. There are also times acne becomes irritating. The time to start treating your acne is when If you think that it would worsen through time and you cannot handle them anymore.

What can you do for your acne?

  • Change of lifestyle

You need to change your lifestyle for the better. Sleep as much as you can and complete having at least three meals in a day. Water can also help a lot so one should drink at least 8 glasses of it. The best change you can do is to stop picking your pimples.

  • Reduce oil

Although glands cannot be stopped from producing oil, you can do something to reduce it. While you cannot remove the oil from the inner surface of your skin, you have the capacity to remove the oil on the outer surface of your skin.

  • Opening pores

From time to time, you can go visit a skin specialist and ask them to remove the whiteheads, blackheads and other problems you have with your face. That way, the pores would be kept open.

  • Skin care

There are various ways to care for your skin. You can have a face facial and apply mask on your face. Some of these masks also serve as a peeling agent. Bacteria are one of the common causes of acne. Antibacterial cleansers are also available on the market. These products also come in various forms.

Not all things that look like acne are actually acne. If ever you think that it is not the usual acne and it is taking longer to disappear than usual, you can visit a doctor and then change your life as well.


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What Does Birth Control Pills Have To Do With Acne?

There are talks about birth control pills being able to treat acne. This have been garnering the attention from both the public and the professionals. Women does not only produces scar on the face but also a scar in the hearts of women.

Some dermatologists recommend using birth control pills in order to treat acne. Many women have been using it for decades but FDA only approved a few birth control pills as pills used in treating acne. Not all women are recommended to use it but it is intended only for the use of healthy women.

How Can Birth Control Pill Treat Acne?

Photo Credit: beyondthetalk.ca

Photo Credit: beyondthetalk.ca

Acne has a direct relation with hormones for most acne are caused by hormonal changes. Some acne are just so persistent even after their menopause. Androgens is the hormone stimulating the skin in producing acne. A woman’s adrenal glands and ovaries produces low androgen level. Birth control pills contains substances that lessens the androgen amount in the body. When there is less androgen amount, there is also lesser risk of women having less sebum production and less acne.

Types of Birth Control Pills Approved by FDA

Through the years, various types of birth control pills have been circulating in the market. The birth control pill used for treating acne usually contains low dosage of the same estrogen form but different progesterone.

  • Estrostep

This birth control pill combines norethindrone protesgin and estrogen. The pill is also available with different dosages of estrogen.

  • Ortho Tri-Cyclen

This type of birth control pill combines norgestimate that is a prostesgin together with estrogen. The protesgin is a progesterone form made by man.  People often call it as synthetic. The pill has different protesgin dosage available.

  • YAZ

This pill uses drospirenone protesgin, which is synthetic. Although the FDA has approved this pill, pills that contains drospirenone can increase the risk of blood clots as compared to the other birth control pill that contains other progestins.

Treat Acne Thru Birth Control Pills

The birth control pills are recommended for women at least 14 years old and it depends on the brand of the pill that is going to be used also. These women should have started having their menstrual period. Contraception is also necessary while using this product.

People who have already used birth control products who have witnesses positive results no longer need to change using another brand. In case you are just a first time birth control pill user, it is best to choose among the three pills approved by the DFA. Although these pills can be effective for treating acne, most dermatologists recommends using other treatments together with using birth control pills in order to give out the best result.

Results of Taking Birth Control Pills

  • Lesser case of having severe acne
  • Reduced acne breakouts
  • Lesser inflammation
  • Decrease acne

Risks of Using Birth Control Pills

Just like other pills, using birth control pills also includes risk. Birth control pills nowadays have lower risk as compared to the birth control pills in the past. Some people using it may feel some effects on their health such as the risk of stroke, blood clots, heart attack, hypertension, cardiovascular problems, migraine, mood changes, gallbladder disease, depression and liver disease.

Tips For Using Birth Control Pills:

  • Continue taking other prescribed treatments.
  • Unhealthy people should avoid using it.
  • Follow the schedule and instruction in taking it.
  • Talk with a doctor before using it.

Birth control pills are not only used for its main purpose. Nowadays, it is also an effective treatment for acne.


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Factors That Can Worsen Acne

Photo Credit: beautifulyou.com

Photo Credit: beautifulyou.com

Acne are red spots with white center that develops when the hair follicles are blocked and become infected or inflamed. Various things cause acne. It typically appears on certain parts of our body that has many sebaceous glands. It occurs whenever the hair follicles are plugged with dead skin cells and oil. Hair follicles are connected with oil glands. These glands secretes sebum that lubricates your skin and hair.

When the body produces excess dead skin cells and sebum, they could build up in the area of hair follicles. Then, a soft plug is formed creating a space where bacteria can enter. Once bacteria has infected the clogged pore, it can result to inflammation.

Follicle wall can bulge due to the plugged pore and it can lead to a whitehead. If the plug is open in the surface, it is called a blackhead when it darkens. The actual happening is that oil and bacteria congested in the pore turns brown if exposed to air. To summarize it, the four main causes of acne are dead skin cells, bacteria, clogged pores and oil production.

Factors That Can Worsen Acne

Existing acne can still worsen due to many factors.

  • Medications

Sure, medications is used as a treatment for various ailments but what many people do not know about is that there are certain medications that has a certain ingredient or component that can worsen the acne. Components such as lithium, corticosteroids and androgens is very much capable of worsening the acne.

  • Hormones

During puberty, the level of Androgen for both the girls and the boys increase. This causes the enlargement of the sebaceous glands that leads to the glands producing more sebum. The production of sebum can be affected by the hormonal changes due to pregnancy or oral contraceptives usage. Another reason for the acne to worsen is when a woman lacks the level of androgen that are circulating in their blood. When the Androgen level rises, creates the oil glands on the skin grow.

  • Diet

Food and drinks can also contribute greatly to the worsening of acne. Dairy products and other product that are rich in carbohydrates including chips and bread can trigger acne. Chocolates is also one of the most known product for making the acne worse. So, there are people that tries to lessen their intake of dairy, rich carbohydrates and chocolate products in order to avoid having more acne or worsen the current acne condition.

  • Stress

Stress is one among the list that greatly contributes in worsening acne. As people experiences stress enough in their everyday lives, having acne on top of that is truly more stressful. Cells that produces sebum contains receptors for the stress hormones. In fact, many people experiences acne breakout during the times when they are stressed for various reasons.

Acne can occur for the first time or can reoccur. Various factors affects the growth and development of the acne. While some do not find acne a problem, there are some whose life is affected by acne.


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Tips To Prevent Acne Spots

Photo Credit: beautifulyou.com

Photo Credit: beautifulyou.com

Acne just affects the way we view ourselves. We sometimes lose confidence when facing other people. There are times when some people just do not want to go outside of their house in the fear of other people teasing them because of their acne.

Here are some tips in order to prevent having acne:

  • Keeping The Face Clean

One of the most common ideas about acne is that it occurs when people does not properly wash their face. The face should be thoroughly cleaned whether you have or you do not have an acne. Cleaning the face everyday is necessary in order to remove all the oils, impurities as well as the dead skin cells.

Although it is nice to clean your face every day, one should not overdo it for it may cause harm to the skin if it becomes irritated from all the scrubbing. The soap used should not be a harsh for it may worsen the inflamed skin and might worsen the irritation as well. The cloth used for drying the face should also be a clean one to avoid dirt and bacteria from entering your skin.

  • Keep The Hands Away From Your Face

Our hands in the most common part in our body that contains dirt and bacteria for we always use it in our daily tasks and activities. Avoid touching any part of your face using your hands for it does not only spread bacteria but irritate the inflamed skin on the face. You should never pop your pimples using your hands for it may be infected and produce a scar.

  • Exercising Regularly

Exercising regularly is good for your overall health and overall body and that includes your skin. If you cannot exercise regularly, then engage in physical activities. Stress greatly contributes to acne breakout and most people fights stress by exercising. By moving your body, you will also have an increase in blood circulation that sends oxygen in your skin and carries waste in the cells away. In addition, washing after exercising is necessary for the sweat while you exercised might clog your pores and worsen your acne.

  • Keep Your Skin Moisturized

There may be times when the skin especially the skin in our face becomes dry. There are moisturizers and others products out in the market that could help you in keeping your skin moisturized all throughout the day. Dry skin may also cause peeling. There are various moisturizers fitted for every kin type. In addition, take note that there are certain ingredients in the product that may cause you irritation or may worsen the acne you have so better choose the product you will use carefully.

  • Eat Healthy Foods

Eating healthy and providing your body especially your skin with proper nutrients would also help in keeping them healthy as well. Feeding your body with good food like vegetables and fruit can surely make your skin more radiant and fresh looking. In addition, avoid eating greasy foods and foods that contains preservatives and additives.

  • Stay Away From The Sun

The sun produces ultraviolet rays that may worsen skin redness and inflammation. There might also be products that can make your skin sensitive when it has been exposed to the sunlight too much. If you do not have any important things to do outside, better stay at home or as much as possible, limit your skin’s exposure to sunlight. You can also apply sunscreen on your face and as usual use products that are non-comedogenic.

  • Avoid Being Stressed

Study shows that most people experiences acne breakout when they are stressed. Even though things might get stressful, avoid it from affecting you too much. When we are stressed, there are times when we cannot sleep properly and with lack of sleep,

  • Use Less Make-Up

Especially when you have an acne breakout, you should use as less make-up as possible. If it is not necessary, do not wear any make-up. In case you wear a make-up, make sure that you remove it as soon as possible and make sure that you have removed the make-up completely before you go to sleep for make-up can clog the pores on your skin. In addition, certain make-up also contains chemicals that may harm your skin if used for a very long time. As much as possible, choose a make-up that is oil and chemical free. It is also better if it belongs to the label “noncomedogenic” so that it would not cause acne.

  • Be Careful of Your Hair Products

Just because you put it on your hair does not mean that it will not affect your face. Our hair especially if you are a girl always gets to our face. What some people do not know about is that hair products can also clog the pores if it gets on your face. In some cases, it can cause irritation. Strong shampoo can also affect the skin in our face, oily hair adds more oil to your face, and that is why washing your hair often is necessary.

  • Try an Anti-acne Product

Most acne products do not require prescriptions. Most of these products have ingredients that can avoid bacteria from entering your akin. They also have a moisturizing ingredient that would help you avoid having dry skin. What you need to do is to follow the instructions on using it and do not overuse it. In addition, read the cautions and warnings written on the box of the product. Applying anti-acne products is one of the greatest option among the list for it does not only help you avoid having acne spots but also helps in lessening and removing them as well.

  • Maintaining a Proper Engine

Proper hygiene includes washing your skin including your face and hands and using products that only brings good to the skin especially in the skin on our face. The products used for proper hygiene should be applicable to the type of skin you have. If you have a sensitive skin, better be careful in choosing the products you are using on your face.

Treating acne spots surely is a hassle and that is why, we need to prevent our face from having it as much as possible.

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Spot Acne Treatment for Sensitive Skin

Photo Credit: hollywoodlife.com

Photo Credit: hollywoodlife.com

People with sensitive skin are susceptible of having acne. That is why it is best that they know the things that trigger acne production. Also, they must know how to properly treat it.

Identified below are some of the triggering factors that might contribute for acne production especially for people with sensitive skin.

  • Menstrual Cycle

Acne tends to get worse when women undergo menstrual cycles. It usually happens 1-2 weeks before the start of their menstrual cycle. The common reason for the worsening of the acne is hormonal changes. Many tend to overeat and eat chocolates when they have a menstrual period. They tend to eat more greasy foods than usual in order to cope up with the stress they are feeling because of their period.

  • Make-up

Make-up is one of the major reasons for worsening the acne. The ingredients used in various make-up products can contribute in the formation and worsening of acne. Some of the ingredients in these products can clog the pores.

  • Climate

During the dry seasons, we tend to sweat more as compared during the rainy season. Doing even the slightest activities makes us sweat a lot especially when the climate is humid and hot. Sweat can clog pores and worsen during the dry season.

  • Acne Popping

Some might think that acne can disappear by popping it. However, that is not that case. Popping your acne can only worsen the situation. The bacteria from the popped acne may spread to the areas where you do not have acne and thus, there would be an increased in the am

There are certain people wherein even if they do nothing, acne breakouts just occur. These situations happen for people having an acne prone skin. These tips are applicable for people who have a skin that is prone to having acne spots and are suffering from acne.

  • Wash Often

Often does not mean that you should wash up every hour. You can wash your face at least twice daily as long as it is washed thoroughly. Mild soap is recommended in order to avoid further irritation. One should not use hot water but only warm water instead.

  • Visit a Skin Specialist

If ever there is a certain occasion you need to attend, there is no need to pop your pimples yourself. You should ask a professional to get rid of it for you. Visit a skin specialist few days before the actual event.

  • Keep Your Hands Clean and Away From Your Face

We use our hands every day for touching various things. Before even touching your face using your hands, wash it cleanly first but avoid your hands from getting near your face as much as possible.

  • You Should Not Try Bursting Your Pimples

Bursting pimples might lead to infection. It can also worsen the redness and swelling on the face. If one pops his/her pimples, it is likely to scar.

  • Give Your Skin Space To Breathe

Wearing tight clothes, especially those on the areas that are prone to acne can worsen the current condition of our acne. Avoid wearing tight clothes and accessories so that your skin would have enough space to breathe freely. Clothing and accessories needs regular washing and cleaning.

Having acne is stressful enough. What more if it worsen? Proper care to our skin is the key. Even though many factors contribute to acne spot worsening, proper care and hygiene would do all the work.


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The Best Acne Spot Treatment for Teenagers

Photo Credit: hollywoodlife.com

Photo Credit: hollywoodlife.com

It is right to take good care of our skin especially for teenagers. There are times when we cannot take good care of our skin and that is why it becomes damaged. Although you need to put a lot of effort and time in taking care of it, you could also purchase various skin care products that would assist you in caring for your skin. The first thing you need to do is to find out what type of skin you have.

What are the common types of skin?

  • Dry

Dry skin is often flaky and tend to be easily irritated. It tend to be easily irritated since dry skin is more sensitive than any other skin type.

  • Oily

Oily skin can be determined if you feel oiliness in your face. Some might not feel oily in the morning but get oily in the afternoon. People with oily skin has a higher risk of being prone to acne. People with dry skin are prone to having wrinkles since they cannot sustain the moisture content of their skin. Oily skin is prone to dust, dirt whiteheads, blackheads and even pimples.

  • Normal

Normal skin have a balance of moisture and oil content. It is not oily nor dry. Most people who have a normal skin have small pores that are barely visible. These persons are lucky since their skin type is not prone to blemishes and spots.

  • Combination skin

Just like it name implies, it is a combination of two types of skin. There might be dry areas and there might be oily areas.

What are some of the most common skin care product?

  • Cleansing products

Cleaning the face should be a part of our daily routine when it comes to skin care. Most of these cleansers are applied all over the face and sometimes, including the neck. There are also cleansers available on the market created to remove make-up and cleanse the skin thoroughly. There are people recommended to use a certain cleanser that contains an ingredient that particularly caters akin that are prone to acne.

  • Exfoliants

People use and apply exfoliant products for it fights off dry and dead skin cells. By doing so, one can improve the appearance of his/her skin. It scrubs of skins cells that are old and can help in healing scars faster. People mostly apply exfoliants on clean and wet face and is rubbed in a circular motion.

  • Moisturizers

As the name implies, it helps in keeping the skin moisturized. Some moisturizers contain substances that helps in reducing irritation and controlling oil. There are also moisturizers used in covering minor blemishes.

  • Facial masks

People apply facial mask all over their face for a certain period and the removed. These masks often has holes for the eyes and the lips and usually applied over a dry and clean face. There are various kinds of facial mask available in the market. Clay mask are applied and let it completely dry as it absorbs all the dirt and oil in the face’s surface. It helps in clearing the blocked pores but only people with oily skin should use it. The peel mask contains exfoliating agents for exfoliating the skin. It also helps in keeping the skin hydrated and away from wrinkles and having uneven skin tone. Like the mask based on clay, it is also left to dry and then gently peels it after a specified time. Sheet masks are also available on the market especially in Asia. People tend to choose it over the other type of mask for it fits the face’s contours. As there are various kinds of mask, anyone cans surely find the one that fits his/her skin type.

  • Skin protection

The skin should also be protected from the sun and that is why there are various skin protection products out there. As the sun might cause damage to the skin, we indeed needed to protect our skin from it for it might also cause various skin diseases as well.

  • Toners

Toners are used after using a cleansing product. It removes the cleanser’s traces as well as make-up. It is generally helpful in restoring the natural PH of the skin. People use it by using cotton in applying it all over their face but spray bottle versions are also available.

Teenagers have different skin types, they also need to use a different skin care product from others.

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How to Prevent Acne With Acne Treatment Cream

Some people do not even care if they have acne spots but there are some who find having acne spots worrisome.

What does acne treatment do to you?

  • Removes Pimples
Photo Credit: skincare.com

Photo Credit: skincare.com

The very first purpose of acne treatment is of course, treating acne. Acne treatments contain ingredients that are very much capable of removing all of your pimples no matter how visible it is. It stops the growth of already existing acne and thus, helping it slowly go away from your skin.

  • Stops New Acne Formation

As its main goal is to stop pimple from growing and worsening, it also stops the formation of new acne. If proper treatment is applies, it can help you to avoid having acne and acne breakout again.

  • Prevent Scarring

Most acne leads to scarring. Even though the acne might be gone, it may leave a scar on your face and you would not want it to happen.

  • Kill Bacteria

Most treatment for acne product contains bacteria killer ingredients. As bacteria are one of the causes of acne formation, killing them would be the best possible solution.

  • Bring Back Your Beautiful Skin

Scars from acne are terrible. It also damages your skin. Some products might also be harmful to your skin or might not be compatible with your so it led you to having acne breakout. By treating your acne, you would be able to bring back the beautiful skin you once had before experiencing an acne breakout.

  • Reduce Inflammation

Existing acne on the face might experience inflammation. It may become red, swollen and can be painful at times. Inflammation affects your overall physical appearance so as much as possible, inflammation of acne should be reduced.

  • Boost Your Self-Confidence

Having acne especially having many really lowers our self-esteem. It also decreases our confidence in our self and our confidence in facing others. When you get your acne treated, you would be able to boost the confidence in yourself again. You would feel good about your skin.

Why do some people do not treat their acne?

  • Costs Money

Of course, if you wanted your acne to be removed and prevented, you should be willing to spend money. There are people who do not have the money to spend in buying these products. Not all treatment products are expensive for there are also acne remedies you can make even from the ingredients in your home. You can find various homemade remedies in the internet although the effectiveness of the remedy is uncertain.

  • Takes Time

Like other treatment for other diseases, using acne treatment also takes time before you can see the results. Although you might want to see and feel the results right after you use it, you should be patient because most of these treatments do not provide instant results. Even though you need to wait for it to take effect, all the waiting would be worth it once you have witnessed the results yourself.

  • Side Effects

Many people are afraid to try using acne treatment for the reason that they may experience having side effects upon using it. The best way to avoid having side effects from using the product is to consult first a professional. Ask him/her what treatment is best for your skin type and the current condition of your acne. On the internet, you can find the side effects from using a certain product.

Acne treatments can do a lot for you than just curing your acne. Even though you might be low on budget, there would still be treatments available for you so you better start treating your acne before it gets any worse.


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