Factors That Can Worsen Acne

Judith Whitaker   July 22, 2015   Comments Off on Factors That Can Worsen Acne
Photo Credit: beautifulyou.com

Photo Credit: beautifulyou.com

Acne are red spots with white center that develops when the hair follicles are blocked and become infected or inflamed. Various things cause acne. It typically appears on certain parts of our body that has many sebaceous glands. It occurs whenever the hair follicles are plugged with dead skin cells and oil. Hair follicles are connected with oil glands. These glands secretes sebum that lubricates your skin and hair.

When the body produces excess dead skin cells and sebum, they could build up in the area of hair follicles. Then, a soft plug is formed creating a space where bacteria can enter. Once bacteria has infected the clogged pore, it can result to inflammation.

Follicle wall can bulge due to the plugged pore and it can lead to a whitehead. If the plug is open in the surface, it is called a blackhead when it darkens. The actual happening is that oil and bacteria congested in the pore turns brown if exposed to air. To summarize it, the four main causes of acne are dead skin cells, bacteria, clogged pores and oil production.

Factors That Can Worsen Acne

Existing acne can still worsen due to many factors.

  • Medications

Sure, medications is used as a treatment for various ailments but what many people do not know about is that there are certain medications that has a certain ingredient or component that can worsen the acne. Components such as lithium, corticosteroids and androgens is very much capable of worsening the acne.

  • Hormones

During puberty, the level of Androgen for both the girls and the boys increase. This causes the enlargement of the sebaceous glands that leads to the glands producing more sebum. The production of sebum can be affected by the hormonal changes due to pregnancy or oral contraceptives usage. Another reason for the acne to worsen is when a woman lacks the level of androgen that are circulating in their blood. When the Androgen level rises, creates the oil glands on the skin grow.

  • Diet

Food and drinks can also contribute greatly to the worsening of acne. Dairy products and other product that are rich in carbohydrates including chips and bread can trigger acne. Chocolates is also one of the most known product for making the acne worse. So, there are people that tries to lessen their intake of dairy, rich carbohydrates and chocolate products in order to avoid having more acne or worsen the current acne condition.

  • Stress

Stress is one among the list that greatly contributes in worsening acne. As people experiences stress enough in their everyday lives, having acne on top of that is truly more stressful. Cells that produces sebum contains receptors for the stress hormones. In fact, many people experiences acne breakout during the times when they are stressed for various reasons.

Acne can occur for the first time or can reoccur. Various factors affects the growth and development of the acne. While some do not find acne a problem, there are some whose life is affected by acne.


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