The Best Acne Spot Treatment for Teenagers

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It is right to take good care of our skin especially for teenagers. There are times when we cannot take good care of our skin and that is why it becomes damaged. Although you need to put a lot of effort and time in taking care of it, you could also purchase various skin care products that would assist you in caring for your skin. The first thing you need to do is to find out what type of skin you have.

What are the common types of skin?

  • Dry

Dry skin is often flaky and tend to be easily irritated. It tend to be easily irritated since dry skin is more sensitive than any other skin type.

  • Oily

Oily skin can be determined if you feel oiliness in your face. Some might not feel oily in the morning but get oily in the afternoon. People with oily skin has a higher risk of being prone to acne. People with dry skin are prone to having wrinkles since they cannot sustain the moisture content of their skin. Oily skin is prone to dust, dirt whiteheads, blackheads and even pimples.

  • Normal

Normal skin have a balance of moisture and oil content. It is not oily nor dry. Most people who have a normal skin have small pores that are barely visible. These persons are lucky since their skin type is not prone to blemishes and spots.

  • Combination skin

Just like it name implies, it is a combination of two types of skin. There might be dry areas and there might be oily areas.

What are some of the most common skin care product?

  • Cleansing products

Cleaning the face should be a part of our daily routine when it comes to skin care. Most of these cleansers are applied all over the face and sometimes, including the neck. There are also cleansers available on the market created to remove make-up and cleanse the skin thoroughly. There are people recommended to use a certain cleanser that contains an ingredient that particularly caters akin that are prone to acne.

  • Exfoliants

People use and apply exfoliant products for it fights off dry and dead skin cells. By doing so, one can improve the appearance of his/her skin. It scrubs of skins cells that are old and can help in healing scars faster. People mostly apply exfoliants on clean and wet face and is rubbed in a circular motion.

  • Moisturizers

As the name implies, it helps in keeping the skin moisturized. Some moisturizers contain substances that helps in reducing irritation and controlling oil. There are also moisturizers used in covering minor blemishes.

  • Facial masks

People apply facial mask all over their face for a certain period and the removed. These masks often has holes for the eyes and the lips and usually applied over a dry and clean face. There are various kinds of facial mask available in the market. Clay mask are applied and let it completely dry as it absorbs all the dirt and oil in the face’s surface. It helps in clearing the blocked pores but only people with oily skin should use it. The peel mask contains exfoliating agents for exfoliating the skin. It also helps in keeping the skin hydrated and away from wrinkles and having uneven skin tone. Like the mask based on clay, it is also left to dry and then gently peels it after a specified time. Sheet masks are also available on the market especially in Asia. People tend to choose it over the other type of mask for it fits the face’s contours. As there are various kinds of mask, anyone cans surely find the one that fits his/her skin type.

  • Skin protection

The skin should also be protected from the sun and that is why there are various skin protection products out there. As the sun might cause damage to the skin, we indeed needed to protect our skin from it for it might also cause various skin diseases as well.

  • Toners

Toners are used after using a cleansing product. It removes the cleanser’s traces as well as make-up. It is generally helpful in restoring the natural PH of the skin. People use it by using cotton in applying it all over their face but spray bottle versions are also available.

Teenagers have different skin types, they also need to use a different skin care product from others.

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