Tips To Prevent Acne Spots

Judith Whitaker   July 22, 2015   Comments Off on Tips To Prevent Acne Spots
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Acne just affects the way we view ourselves. We sometimes lose confidence when facing other people. There are times when some people just do not want to go outside of their house in the fear of other people teasing them because of their acne.

Here are some tips in order to prevent having acne:

  • Keeping The Face Clean

One of the most common ideas about acne is that it occurs when people does not properly wash their face. The face should be thoroughly cleaned whether you have or you do not have an acne. Cleaning the face everyday is necessary in order to remove all the oils, impurities as well as the dead skin cells.

Although it is nice to clean your face every day, one should not overdo it for it may cause harm to the skin if it becomes irritated from all the scrubbing. The soap used should not be a harsh for it may worsen the inflamed skin and might worsen the irritation as well. The cloth used for drying the face should also be a clean one to avoid dirt and bacteria from entering your skin.

  • Keep The Hands Away From Your Face

Our hands in the most common part in our body that contains dirt and bacteria for we always use it in our daily tasks and activities. Avoid touching any part of your face using your hands for it does not only spread bacteria but irritate the inflamed skin on the face. You should never pop your pimples using your hands for it may be infected and produce a scar.

  • Exercising Regularly

Exercising regularly is good for your overall health and overall body and that includes your skin. If you cannot exercise regularly, then engage in physical activities. Stress greatly contributes to acne breakout and most people fights stress by exercising. By moving your body, you will also have an increase in blood circulation that sends oxygen in your skin and carries waste in the cells away. In addition, washing after exercising is necessary for the sweat while you exercised might clog your pores and worsen your acne.

  • Keep Your Skin Moisturized

There may be times when the skin especially the skin in our face becomes dry. There are moisturizers and others products out in the market that could help you in keeping your skin moisturized all throughout the day. Dry skin may also cause peeling. There are various moisturizers fitted for every kin type. In addition, take note that there are certain ingredients in the product that may cause you irritation or may worsen the acne you have so better choose the product you will use carefully.

  • Eat Healthy Foods

Eating healthy and providing your body especially your skin with proper nutrients would also help in keeping them healthy as well. Feeding your body with good food like vegetables and fruit can surely make your skin more radiant and fresh looking. In addition, avoid eating greasy foods and foods that contains preservatives and additives.

  • Stay Away From The Sun

The sun produces ultraviolet rays that may worsen skin redness and inflammation. There might also be products that can make your skin sensitive when it has been exposed to the sunlight too much. If you do not have any important things to do outside, better stay at home or as much as possible, limit your skin’s exposure to sunlight. You can also apply sunscreen on your face and as usual use products that are non-comedogenic.

  • Avoid Being Stressed

Study shows that most people experiences acne breakout when they are stressed. Even though things might get stressful, avoid it from affecting you too much. When we are stressed, there are times when we cannot sleep properly and with lack of sleep,

  • Use Less Make-Up

Especially when you have an acne breakout, you should use as less make-up as possible. If it is not necessary, do not wear any make-up. In case you wear a make-up, make sure that you remove it as soon as possible and make sure that you have removed the make-up completely before you go to sleep for make-up can clog the pores on your skin. In addition, certain make-up also contains chemicals that may harm your skin if used for a very long time. As much as possible, choose a make-up that is oil and chemical free. It is also better if it belongs to the label “noncomedogenic” so that it would not cause acne.

  • Be Careful of Your Hair Products

Just because you put it on your hair does not mean that it will not affect your face. Our hair especially if you are a girl always gets to our face. What some people do not know about is that hair products can also clog the pores if it gets on your face. In some cases, it can cause irritation. Strong shampoo can also affect the skin in our face, oily hair adds more oil to your face, and that is why washing your hair often is necessary.

  • Try an Anti-acne Product

Most acne products do not require prescriptions. Most of these products have ingredients that can avoid bacteria from entering your akin. They also have a moisturizing ingredient that would help you avoid having dry skin. What you need to do is to follow the instructions on using it and do not overuse it. In addition, read the cautions and warnings written on the box of the product. Applying anti-acne products is one of the greatest option among the list for it does not only help you avoid having acne spots but also helps in lessening and removing them as well.

  • Maintaining a Proper Engine

Proper hygiene includes washing your skin including your face and hands and using products that only brings good to the skin especially in the skin on our face. The products used for proper hygiene should be applicable to the type of skin you have. If you have a sensitive skin, better be careful in choosing the products you are using on your face.

Treating acne spots surely is a hassle and that is why, we need to prevent our face from having it as much as possible.

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