What Does Birth Control Pills Have To Do With Acne?

Judith Whitaker   July 22, 2015   Comments Off on What Does Birth Control Pills Have To Do With Acne?

There are talks about birth control pills being able to treat acne. This have been garnering the attention from both the public and the professionals. Women does not only produces scar on the face but also a scar in the hearts of women.

Some dermatologists recommend using birth control pills in order to treat acne. Many women have been using it for decades but FDA only approved a few birth control pills as pills used in treating acne. Not all women are recommended to use it but it is intended only for the use of healthy women.

How Can Birth Control Pill Treat Acne?

Photo Credit: beyondthetalk.ca

Photo Credit: beyondthetalk.ca

Acne has a direct relation with hormones for most acne are caused by hormonal changes. Some acne are just so persistent even after their menopause. Androgens is the hormone stimulating the skin in producing acne. A woman’s adrenal glands and ovaries produces low androgen level. Birth control pills contains substances that lessens the androgen amount in the body. When there is less androgen amount, there is also lesser risk of women having less sebum production and less acne.

Types of Birth Control Pills Approved by FDA

Through the years, various types of birth control pills have been circulating in the market. The birth control pill used for treating acne usually contains low dosage of the same estrogen form but different progesterone.

  • Estrostep

This birth control pill combines norethindrone protesgin and estrogen. The pill is also available with different dosages of estrogen.

  • Ortho Tri-Cyclen

This type of birth control pill combines norgestimate that is a prostesgin together with estrogen. The protesgin is a progesterone form made by man.  People often call it as synthetic. The pill has different protesgin dosage available.

  • YAZ

This pill uses drospirenone protesgin, which is synthetic. Although the FDA has approved this pill, pills that contains drospirenone can increase the risk of blood clots as compared to the other birth control pill that contains other progestins.

Treat Acne Thru Birth Control Pills

The birth control pills are recommended for women at least 14 years old and it depends on the brand of the pill that is going to be used also. These women should have started having their menstrual period. Contraception is also necessary while using this product.

People who have already used birth control products who have witnesses positive results no longer need to change using another brand. In case you are just a first time birth control pill user, it is best to choose among the three pills approved by the DFA. Although these pills can be effective for treating acne, most dermatologists recommends using other treatments together with using birth control pills in order to give out the best result.

Results of Taking Birth Control Pills

  • Lesser case of having severe acne
  • Reduced acne breakouts
  • Lesser inflammation
  • Decrease acne

Risks of Using Birth Control Pills

Just like other pills, using birth control pills also includes risk. Birth control pills nowadays have lower risk as compared to the birth control pills in the past. Some people using it may feel some effects on their health such as the risk of stroke, blood clots, heart attack, hypertension, cardiovascular problems, migraine, mood changes, gallbladder disease, depression and liver disease.

Tips For Using Birth Control Pills:

  • Continue taking other prescribed treatments.
  • Unhealthy people should avoid using it.
  • Follow the schedule and instruction in taking it.
  • Talk with a doctor before using it.

Birth control pills are not only used for its main purpose. Nowadays, it is also an effective treatment for acne.


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